Conch cuff piercing

Enhance your style with a trendy conch cuff piercing. Explore top ideas to find the perfect jewelry and create a fashionable and edgy look that will turn heads.
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The cuff earrings designed to provide multiple piercing look. A real piercing simulation. The ear cuffs exposed here designed for upper cartilage. You can choose option for single ear cuff (criss cross "X" or double line "ll") or set of 2 cuffs earrings which include both ears cuffs. You can choose option for material the ears cuff are made of. Available materials are 14K Gold Filled and 925 Sterling Silver. All cuffs earring are 20 gauge - 0.8 mm thickness. There are options upgrading order…

Alfred Malagon
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Introducing our chunky conch cuff, a bold and beautiful ear accessory that adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Handcrafted from high-quality sterling silver 925, this cuff is designed to be worn without the need for piercing. Please note, the price listed is for one cuff. See my whole jewelry collection here--> Follow Sosy Gallery on Instagram @sosy_gallery Twitter--> Facebook…

McKenna Filley
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Earrings that last. Unique ear stack combinations with the most beautiful piercing jewellery. Solid gold or plated huggie hoops, helix, tragus, conch and daith cartilage earrings. Timeless elegance and modern designs all shipped from England. You just found your new favourite earring brand.

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