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A V-shaped concrete column is a type of column that is shaped like a V. The two legs of the V are typically made of concrete and are reinforced with steel. The V-shaped column is often used in buildings and bridges to support the weight of the structure. 15 Degree V-Shape Concrete Columns are available with typical widths between 24”-36” (61-91.4 cm) and typical heights from 12’-36’ (3.66-11 m). Maximum sizes for 15 Degree V-Shape Concrete Columns include widths up to 48” (122 cm) and…

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A pin and hinge steel column connection with a flat end is a type of connection that allows for rotation at the joint. The connection is made up of a pin, which is a cylindrical piece of metal that fits through holes in the column and beam, and a hinge, which is a metal plate that is welded. Cut End Pin & Hinge Steel Connections are available in a range of sizes with plate widths and depths between 5.1”-15.3” (13-38.9 cm), overall heights from 3.7”-10.63” (9.4-27 cm), and plate thicknesses…

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Each detail in a Facit Home is carefully considered and none more so than the 6.8m tall stairway recently installed in Pocketsdell House. The impressive laser cut staircase at the heart of this eco home was designed, manufactured and installed by Facit Homes. Our in-house design and engineering expertise always extends to the entire home with intricate interior features as part of our turnkey service.From scratchOur customers, Patrick and Scott (with their dogs, Barley and Fin), wanted a…

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