College room ideas for guys

Transform your college room into a stylish and functional space with these cool ideas designed specifically for guys. Find inspiration for organization, decor, and study areas to create the ultimate college experience.
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Your boy is headed off to college – that’s so exciting! As a mom with two kids in college, I can relate to how you must be feeling – excited and eager to get him settled, but also concerned that he’ll find his stride once he’s there. Mostly, you’re just hoping he’ll be happy in college.I’ve found one of the key ingredients of happy college kids is helping them create a dorm they can call their own – one that’s comfortable, organized and, most importantly, feels like home.The more “at home”…

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Style meets function with these must-have dorm room essentials for guys. Whether you're into sleek and modern or rustic and cozy, we've got something for every taste. #dormlife #essentials #guys

Bonnie Moore