Cold wax painting

Discover the fascinating world of cold wax painting techniques. Enhance your artistic skills and create stunning paintings using this unique medium. Get inspired and start your own cold wax painting journey today!
Serena Barton ~ "Heading for Home" Cold Wax/Oil on Panel Inspiration, Painting Techniques, Cold Wax Painting, Cold Wax Painting Technique, Oil Painting Abstract, Art Oil, Abstract Oil, Encaustic Painting, Abstract Landscape Painting

I've been continuing my obsession with cold wax and oil paintings. I've completed these four for the upcoming "Artists Among Us" show at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, May 17-19. Cold wax and oil are messy but oh so satisfying to work with! "It's a Mystery" Cold Wax/Oil on Panel Detail "Heart Like a Wheel" Cold Wax/Oil/Plaster on Panel Detail "On the Mark" Cold Wax/Oil/Plaster on Board "Heading for Home" Cold Wax/Oil on Panel

Valerie Cavanaugh