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I've finally found someone who understands me - the "thirty-years-ago"me. If you have ever played video or computer games - especially if you are in your forties and spent a lot of time (and a significant part of your college fund) in video arcades - you really need to check out the work of Jane McGonigal. She is currently the Director of Game Research & Development at the Institute for the Future. Her interest and area of study focuses on how online gaming - in great numbers - creates new…

Eduardo Ferrara
Ms. Pac-Man Transformations | No. 2 Pencils Nintendo, Avengers, Games, Studio, Retro, Retro Vintage, Pac Man, Pacman Game, Pacman

I have been trying to talk less and let kids figure out more on their own this year and in searching for a way to introduce transformations found this AMAZING lesson from Robert Kaplinsky. You guys, I didn't even have to teach it! My kids caught on so quickly they were describing multiple transformations like it was nothing! I followed Robert's plan by using the intro video (you can download it from his blog) that showed translations, rotations, and reflections. Yes, we gather like we are in…

Ruby Rider47
Castlevania 18 x 24 Video Game Poster | Etsy Nintendo, Retro, Original Nintendo, Arcade Game Machines, Arcade Games, Nintendo Nes, Castlevania Games, Video Game Posters, Arcade

Absolute game changer for the NES! The Details: Has a 1/8” border to allow for framing. The print measures 18 x 24". Printed with a Epson 24" printer using pigment inks (These inks last a life time and will not fade) Printed on Epson Semi Gloss 250gsm paper (this is Epson's version of poster paper) It will be shipped in a tube.

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