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Delve into the vibrant world of Christian traditions and uncover the timeless wisdom and practices that have shaped the faith for centuries. Explore the diversity and beauty of different Christian traditions and deepen your understanding of the beliefs and rituals that inspire millions around the world.
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I shouldn’t have been surprised when the questions came, all these questions rushing like a river searching.... God knew. He knew how all the kids would ask questions. All the kids asking questions -- wasn't that the prophesy? “When your children ask their fathers in the time to come...’” (Joshua 4:21). And He prophesied our answers to all their questions: “And you shall tell your son in that day, saying, ‘This is done because of what the LORD did for me… (Exodus 13:8). Come an eve in early…

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As Great Lent comes to a close, the faithful have observed the colorful tradition which has been passed down through generations; the cherished custom of the blessing of the Paschal food eaten on Easter Sunday, or better known as Pascha! Each of the following traditional foods has a symbolic and sp

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After realizing the value of learning the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, there is no clear path to follow, leaving many people feeling stuck, not knowing how to proceed. Although they know that many Jewish traditions like Passover, for example, point to Jesus and enrich the Gospel, there's no specific source on how to

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One of the most common understandings of religion today is that it is all about right behavior. How many times have you heard, for example, the common cliche, "I don't need to go to church to be a good Christian?" The typical grumble about hypocritical Christians is another manifestation of this tendency. "Why don't they practice