Chicken water feeder

Discover the latest chicken water feeder ideas to simplify the care of your flock. Upgrade their water supply with these innovative solutions for convenience and efficiency.
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Making a DIY chicken waterer out of recycled materials is not only an eco-friendly choice but also a smart way to ensure your poultry has constant access to fresh water. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to making one, emphasizing the use of materials you likely already have. By opting for a homemade solution, you're choosing sustainability and customization, tailoring the waterer to your flock's specific needs. This homemade chicken waterer guide will walk you through the process…

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Last winter, we tested a bunch of ways to keep our hen’s water from freezing and found a method that worked better for us than anything else out there. In fact, it’s nearly foolproof, at least for us it was!

Pia Lindström
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Before leaving on a 10-day camping trip, I filled up the water dish for the chickens…and grumbled the entire time. I really wanted some kind of large reservoir…so the online research began! Here’s how I built an automatic chicken waterer.

Cindy Rodgers-Jansen