Cheerleading cheers

Get ready to cheer on your team with these creative and energetic cheerleading cheers. Discover the top cheers that will get the crowd pumped up and show your team spirit.
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Motions are the absolute foundation of cheerleading. If you strip away the flashy props, the stunts, the tumbling, the music and get down to it, the most important role of a cheerleader is to lead cheers. You can’t have cheers without motions. Well, I mean, technically you could, but how boring would that be?! Even … Learning Cheerleading Motions Read More »

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CONGRATULATIONS PERSPECTIVE CHEERLEADERS you are almost done with your first week of tryout clinics. You have all been working so hard, here is what you have learned this week, don't forget to practice over the weekend. 2015-16 Warriors Cheer, Chant and Motion Sequence Chant/Cheer GET UP GET UP (Captains call first)Get up Get up, let’s go (Team says) let’s go, (Everyone) Go Warriors GO Get up Get up, (Lets go let’s go), Go Warriors GO Get up Get up, (Lets go let’s go), Go Warriors GO Let’s…

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