Charm display

Discover unique and stylish ways to display your charms with these creative ideas. Show off your collection and add a touch of personalization to your accessories.
This blogger~~used found objects, handmade beads, stones and bones, clock parts, tools, horsehair and handcuffs, religious objects and discarded jewelry. It dangles from a rusty chain on her wall!  A chatelaine for the Modern Woman Decoration, Diy, Tapestry, Upcycling, Arts And Crafts, Displaying Collections, Hanging Art, Display, Hanging

Our Art Charms book is back up to #4 on the Amazon bestselling jewelry books list. YIPPEE! After getting the most awesome rating I've ever seen, 5 stars and everything, I guess maybe it's an OK book ;) Come ON! Check it out will ya?!? It's 27 small mixed media projects that you can use for jewelry, accessories, home decor, and wall art. There are easy instructions for beginners and fresh ideas for the experienced. Let me know what you think, OK?

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