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Elevate your breakfast experience with these creative cereal packaging designs. Discover innovative ideas to make your morning routine even more enjoyable.
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Turtle is a brand who invites us all to slow down and think about what we eat and how it is produced. Their nutritious range of delicious and organically sourced porridges and cereals provides a truly healthy and 100% natural choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Within the organic food store world, the Turtle brand was starting to make a name for itself. Thanks to this enthusiasm the client felt that it was time to take the next step and bring a far higher emotional content to the…

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Comprehensive development of the trademark (naming, logo) and package design of the breakfast cereal line. Breakfast cereals - cereal balls and muesli - is a product for those who value their time and know for sure that a good delicious breakfast is the best way to give you energy and cheer you up for the rest of the day!

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Design: DoblegiroDirector: Guillermo Landero Art Director: Luis Aguila Project Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Cuisine&CoLocation: Chile, Argentina, Colombia, PerúPackaging Contents: GranolaPackaging Substrate / Materials: Paper BoxPrinting Process: OffsetThe Cuisine&Co Granola wants to be the protagonist of your breakfasts, so "Hola Granola" is born as a symbol of the first greeting of the morning, full and bright…

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Even though you have a great product, you may find yourself without great packaging. Packaging helps in the final decision of the purchase. It is the final verdict that the customer takes. In the past we have come across many creative packs with extraordinary amount of thought put into them and then we see very

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Founded in 2015 by Ariel Pasternak, Raisa Aziz, Atara Bernstein, Jordan Miller, Maddie Morales, and Ann Yang, the Pineapple Collaborative was their way to build a brand that fostered community in a more welcoming way than they’d experienced while highlighting women in food. From its Washington, DC beginnings, the Pineapple Collaborative has expanded into other […]

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