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New Yorker Katie Sturino firmly believes that great style can happen at any size. After 10 years of working in PR, she started a blog called the12ish style to introduce girls like her to more size-inclusive fashion and to share her tips and tricks on how to get dressed while being plus.

Kristina Zemp
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It's true that the majority of mature celebrities look quite young for their age. Some of them even look better with age than their younger selves. While having good genes and leading a healthy lifestyle which includes good nutrition, exercising, and avoiding bad habits can have a huge impact on a person's appearance, there's no secret that many famous people have other tricks up their sleeves to keep them looking young as long as possible. One of them is plastic surgery. From facelifts…

Dora Holland
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I am always curious to explore the possibilities of modern technologies: I previously had so much fun using an artificial intelligence app to see what the kids of celebrities and iconic fictional couples would have looked like, turned famous people from the '80s and '90s into children, and brought celebrities who passed away to life again.