Ceiling light design living room simple

Enhance the ambiance of your living room with simple and stylish ceiling light designs. Discover top ideas to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your space.
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Highlights: 1.Using high-transmittance acrylic lampshade, the light refraction angle is regular, which enhances the three-dimensional sense, emits evenly, stably, and is more convenient to clean. 2. The pure hardware part of the lamp body is processed by fine grinding process without rust and durable. 3. The LED chip can effectively save electricity, the light is super bright, the brightness is stable and not flickering, it is the choice for the trend of modern energy-saving home furnishing…

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Julia Klein
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Recessed ceilings provide an interesting opportunity for creative design. A recessed ceiling, also known as a tray ceiling, is created when the central portion of the ceiling is higher than the surrounding area. A tray ceiling can keep the room from looking too large (by creating a cozier height with a focal point), or it […]