Catwoman halle berry

Explore Halle Berry's iconic portrayal of Catwoman and discover her most memorable outfits from the movie. Get inspired by the fierce and stylish looks of Catwoman brought to life by Halle Berry.
An abstract connection I made with this article was Halle Berry's portrayal as Catwoman. Technically, she lived a double life and she is indeed a black women. In the film, she lived as Patience Phillips, an ordinary single woman working for a skin care company by day, but by night, she became cat woman, an anything but ordinary witty and flirtatious jewel thief. Halle Berry Catwoman, Catwoman Halle Berry, Catwoman 2004, Hally Berry, Lee Meriwether, Halle Berry Hot, Camren Bicondova, Anne Hathaway Catwoman, Catwoman Cosplay

Patience Phillips

Patience Phillips is a fictional character in the 2004 adaptation of Catwoman. Living by herself, Patience is a woman who works in the art department for a beauty product agency which produces beauty products such as a skin care cream. As Catwoman, Patience dresses in black leather - a bustier bra and pants with a cat mask, and gloves with claws. Catwoman uses her iconic whip in combat, but also shows her expert hand-to-hand combat and agility. This version of Catwoman differs from the…

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