Cat walkway

Enhance your cat's playtime with a creative walkway that provides endless entertainment. Discover top ideas to create a stimulating environment for your furry friend.
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German design company Goldtatze (Goldpaw) specializes in creating overhead playgrounds and walkways for cats. The company's complex playgrounds feature long scratch posts, descending ramps, rope bridges, platforms and other structures perfectly suited for a cat's acrobatics. As most cat owners know, a setup like this is much preferred to a tree, which cats might be able to climb but may have trouble getting out of.

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Seeing as today (August 8th) is International Cat Day, we figured that many cat owners might want to get their cat companions a gift to show them that they're loved. Now, you could get them a mouse toy or a can of salmon pate, but the right piece of cat furniture can make for a meaningful and lasting pet gift.

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