Canned biscuits

Take your canned biscuits to the next level with these mouthwatering recipes. From flaky breakfast treats to savory dinner creations, discover new ways to enjoy these versatile biscuits.
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There are a few ingredients we always keep on hand because they're the perfect launching pad for dozens of recipes. Just think of all of the meals you've made over the years with a humble box of spaghetti! But when it comes to baking both sweet and savory recipes, there's almost nothing as versatile as a can of refrigerated biscuit dough. Sure, your mind might hear "canned biscuit dough" and immediately think "pigs in a blanket," but we're over here dreaming of warm chicken pot pies…

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Best Canned Biscuit Recipes - 30 Minute Orange Knots - Cool DIY Recipe Ideas You Can Make With A Can of Biscuits - Easy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts You Can Make From Pillsbury Pull Apart Biscuits - Garlic, Sour Cream, Ground Beef, Sweet and Savory, Ideas with Cheese - Delicious Meals on A Budget With Step by Step Tutorials Breakfast Recipes, Dessert, Snacks, Recipes, Desserts, Scones, Orange Sweet Rolls, Homemade Recipes, Recipe Today

Do you love canned biscuits? Whether you do or don't because you think they are a little boring and lack effort, you have to check out these amazing recipes made with biscuits in a can. It will shock you to see what can be made simply with Pillsbury canned biscuits. From mouth watering dinner dishes

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These cinnamon rolls taste just like the homemade ones you might slave hours over. But they come together in (literally) minutes. Best of all, no one will know you didn't make them from scratch! (No yeast dough necessary, y'all!)

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