Candy balls

Indulge in the sweetness of candy balls with these delicious recipes. Try out different flavors and textures to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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Surprise balls are my new obsession. I love that I can easily create them into any shape that I want. And they just so happen to yield themselves perfectly to an advent calendar. Last week I shared how to make ornament surprise balls, and this week I’m sharing how to make them look like sweet […]

Alicia Waters Davies
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ASSORTED GUMBALLS: Dubble Bubble Assorted Gumballs 1 inch 24 mm gum balls, comes in a reusable clear jar - 10 lbs. CONTAINS 8 FLAVORS: This mix is the standard eight flavors and eight colors gumball mix seen everywhere: Strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, lemon-lime, orange, cherry, banana, grape. DUBBLE BUBBLE GUMBALLS : Dubble Bubble is the number one brand of gumballs in the bulk vending industry. GREAT FOR OCCASIONS: Great for schools kids, parties, Christmas, holidays, your family…