Camping themed birthday party food

Plan a memorable camping themed birthday party with these delicious food ideas. From campfire favorites to creative snacks, discover recipes that will satisfy both kids and adults.
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Well, well, well... I've finally got a blog post up to share with you! (I almost made it through the month without blogging! Does that tell you how great our summer has been? Such a great one. ) Today I'm sharing my mother-in-law's hiking themed birthday party. Her most favorite thing to do is to hike. She's been in a weekly hiking group for years and she just loves it when the family joins her hiking. So...for her birthday we all headed up to Whistler, BC for a hiking birthday celebration…

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Although nothing can match the experience of camping in the wilderness, a camping-themed party lets your kids enjoy some of the most charming elements of nature from the comfort of your backyard or living room. Take a stroll through these templates, supplies and camping party ideas and see how easy it is to bring the great outdoors into your home.