Cake with edible flowers

Elevate your cake game with stunning creations adorned with edible flowers. Discover top ideas to bake and decorate cakes that are not only visually appealing but also a treat for your taste buds.
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Eat Your Flowers by Loria is the original edible flower food company that ships nationally. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Eat Your Flowers’ signature edible flower pressed cookies and cakes have been featured in numerous national publications and coveted by celebrities.

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. Unique, Modern & Delicious Wedding Cakes I am a Norwich based wedding cake designer who has been baking for years, and now specialises in unique wedding cakes and dessert tables throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. All my wedding cakes are designed in close consultation with my customers, and baked in my 5* hygiene-rated kitchen. I…

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If you own a flower press, you may use it for creating all kinds of beautiful items from adorning homemade cards to decorating your home, but have you ever thought to add your pressed creations to a cake? Learn how to make a pressed edible flower cake so you can spoil a loved one with this delicious work of art!

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Let them eat cake, is a phrase we all associate with Marie Antoinette, despite the fact that she probably never actually said it. The phrase and the opulence that can also be associated with the French Royal family which Marie Antoinette married into, has inspired many an artist, film maker and cak

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