Cake decorating supplies organization

Discover smart and practical ways to organize your cake decorating supplies for a hassle-free baking experience. Get inspired and create beautiful cakes with ease.
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If your kitchen or cake decorating area is cluttered and messy, I feel your frustration! I’m going to share 14 hacks for organizing baking supplies and cake decorating tools. If you prefer to watch a video of this tutorial, scroll to the bottom of the page. 1. Cake pans Tired of cake pans tumbling out […]

Mushy Johnson
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I know this has been done before, but thought I'd show how I organize my cookie cutters in hopes that it will be helpful to someone out there. First of all I admit I don't have nearly the amount of cookie cutters that some of my cookie friends have accumulated, but I found a neat and tidy way to store them so that I can view them all easily without even opening the container. I posted it a year ago on my flickr site but thought I'd update it here as well. Here is how I used to store my…

Suzie Mason