Building a gate

Enhance the entrance of your property with a beautifully crafted gate. Explore creative ideas and step-by-step guides to build a gate that adds style and security to your space.
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Who likes gates? Anyone? Yeah. I figured the response would be anticlimactic. Kinda like how people aren’t surprised that Kylie is pregnant. I mean…I almost got pregnant just looking at her Instagram account. And yes I understand how reproductive biology works. But not everything in life has to be a shocker….they can still be super useful ... Read More about How To Build A Garden Gate

Amanda Penman

Our gate had been slowly rotting since we bought our house a few years ago. My lazy self kept adding screws until a guest accidentally knocked a picket off. Enter embarrassment. With an hour to spare this week, I finally pulled the whole gate off the hinges and built a new one. Let's just

terri contini
Gardening, Building A Fence Gate, Building A Wooden Gate, Wood Gate Diy, Building A Fence, Diy Outdoor Gate Ideas, Wooden Fence Gate, Wooden Gate Plans, Diy Backyard Fence

A broke-down gate just makes your house look bad. A well-maintained gate, on the other hand, can be welcoming and give passers-by a great impression of the house beyond. If you want to upgrade the wooden gate in a privacy fence, or some...

David Henderson