Brown mulch

Enhance the appearance of your garden with brown mulch. Discover how this natural material can improve soil health, retain moisture, and suppress weeds for a vibrant and low-maintenance landscape.
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Wood chips provide attractive mulching material for the home garden. A thick layer of chips inhibits the germination and growth of weeds -- and they also provide an insulating layer over the bed to protect plant roots from frost and retain moisture in the soil.

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Green Perennials + White Annuals + Black Mulch (same color scheme used on the deck) (2015 NC) @nyclqinteriors Gardens, Landscaping Ideas, Ideas, Perennials, Outdoor, Front Garden Landscaping, Garden Landscaping, Mulch Landscaping, Landscaping Tips

One small change we've done to our exterior this Spring was to better manicure the front shrubs into spheres, enlarge the front beds to layer in smaller plants / flowers, change the old red mulch for new black, plus treat the ground around existing shrubs and new plantings with garden soil, fertilizer, and water. To enlarge the flower-beds, I re-aligned the existing - meandering - cobblestone boarder to be squared off, and pulled it out (about 12-18") away from the shrubs, to give a little…

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