Brandy snaps filling ideas

Elevate your brandy snaps with these mouthwatering filling ideas. From creamy chocolate to tangy fruit, discover the perfect combination to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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Lucinda has been a lifelong devotee of divine food – having trained in Switzerland and then in London with Anton Mosimann – and the café will offer the very tastiest daytime treasures from coffee and cake, to lovely lunches and teatime treats.

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For our Sherlock Holmes dessert, I wanted to make something quintessentially British. I tossed around ideas for all kinds of recipes—jammie dodgers, trifle, Victoria sponge, and various tarts. Then I stumbled across brandy snaps! At first they looked super intimidating. Lacy, curved cookies filled with cream—surely they HAD to be impossible to make, right? But […]

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Bring back the brandy snap, we say! We’re doing just that and more with this festive recipe filled with a wicked Baileys espresso martini cream. We think they’ll be making a comeback in no time. Make sure you take a peek at our whisky and honeycomb brandy snaps, too.

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Who can say no to sweet, ginger flavored biscuit tubes, filled with cream. They’re a fairly simple dessert to make but don’t try to cook too many in the oven in one go. They’ll harden too quickly once removed from the oven and rolling them will be almost impossible.

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This technical challenge can be difficult for several reasons. The brandy snaps contain a lot of sugar which means they can easily burn. Another problem you may face is the rolling up part, you have to set the brandy snaps to cool slightly so they are still pliable, if you wait too long they may bre

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Brandy snaps are a popular European dessert. The name is quite deceiving, as there is actually no brandy in the recipe. In this case, the term originates from “branded,” referring to the burnt sugar. They are served either in a tube form or as a cup, and can be filled with whipped cream, mousse, ice cream, or even fresh fruit. This is a fairly simple recipe once you get the technique right. It’s perfect for a Yom Tov dessert as it can be made at least a week in advance and stored in an…

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