Bourbon whiskey brands

Explore the top bourbon whiskey brands that every whiskey lover should try. From classic to craft, find your new favorite bourbon and elevate your whiskey experience today.
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Sure, it is relatively easy to locate a decent bourbon nowadays, but are you prepared to pay? Some brands—looking at you Pappy—will give you a heart attack when you see the price tag. There is some good news, though. You do not need to spend hundreds. Try $50. Prepare your palate for a flavorful journey; this list of the best bourbon under $50 has some new and old favorites for you to discover. | Is Quality Reflective of Price? | Why is bourbon expensive? | #bourbon #drinks #alcoholicdrink

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Whiskey is known for having a reputation for being harsh and uncomfortable for newcomers. However, out of all the top-shelf spirits available, whiskey is the easiest for a newcomer to get used to. The world of whiskey is exciting, interesting, and incredibly deep. | Is It Easy To Get Into Whiskey? | Whiskey For Beginners | Best Type Of Whiskey For Beginners | 10 Best Whiskey For Beginners | #whiskey #bourbon #scotch

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I have compiled a list of my top 5, budget-friendly, bourbons from major distilleries. I am also including some lesser-known options that are also very good. This is a great list for beginners and experienced bourbon drinkers alike. I view these as home bar essentials and I feel that all of these bourbons deserve a place on everyone's shelf. Check out my article on the best bourbon under $50.Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, and Affiliate Partner of other products discussed on my websit

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