Blue fabric

Enhance the charm of your home decor with beautiful blue fabric. Explore a range of ideas to incorporate this versatile fabric into your living space and make a stylish statement.
black and white quilt...stunningly different! Have see this in multi color format - too busy - but this is great in black and white! Kudos to the designer! Patchwork, Quilting, Quilt Blocks, Quilt Block Patterns, Plaid, Quilts, Patchwork Quilts, Modern Quilts, Quilt

Here's a repost of a 2013 Sunday Quilt Inspiration. I'm working on a quilt inspired by a few of my grandmother's buttons. My mom gave them to me many years ago and I've kept them all this time. I can't bring myself to use them because they may be lost, so they serve more as a memento of her than as buttons normally do. A few days ago I saw a quilt on Pinterest that I decided I wanted to replicate. Well, I can't replicate anything. The moment I begin working, I start making changes. Before I…

Gail Midyett