Blue eyed cat

Explore the enchanting world of blue-eyed cats and their captivating gaze. Find out more about these stunning feline wonders and how to care for them.
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When you combine the natural beauty of a cat's eye with good macro photography, the resulting photos can be quite remarkable. And believe it or not, there is a quite large community of photographers who are into this facinating niche. Here are some of the more interesting images from Flickr that we found in this unexpected subject area. Photo by Dids Photo by Melody Photo by Novon Photo by IMT Images Photo by Maschinenraum Photo by Tanakawho Photo by Simon Hammond Photo by Amarand Agasi…

Carol Palmer Huntington

Luck sometimes comes with three tiny black kitties. These fuzzy furballs came out of nowhere from a bush near a house. The cat mother was nowhere to be found, but luckily the kitties weren't the only ones there. "We were changing an alternator at a friends house last night at about 11pm. We heard ...