Bleach cleaning solution

Discover the power of an effective bleach cleaning solution to achieve a sparkling clean home. Get rid of tough stains and disinfect surfaces with our top recommendations.
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A bleach and water mixture often is used as a sanitizing solution after a surface is cleaned with soap and water. Bleach and water can be used to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, sanitize non-porous surfaces and remove mold growth.

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Do you want the cleaning power of bleach but hate the thought of using it in your home and around your children or pets? This Simple Homemade Bleach Solution is a great alternative that is cost effective and safer for everyone. Not only does it sanitize and clean, it removes stains just like traditional bleach would. The best bonus is that it is so very simple to mix together that anyone can do it. Even your kids can help with this one. As it is diluted when you mix it, there is no worry…

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Whether you can't use bleach or you choose not to, discover how you can make homemade bleach alternative for your laundry and cleaning needs.

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