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Transform your space with a unique and artistic touch by hanging a blanket on your wall. Discover inspiring ideas to showcase your favorite blankets and add warmth to any room.
The Hudson's Bay Point Blanket / Pendleton Glacier National Park Blanket via @dcwdesign blog.

One textile pattern I’ve been following recently is the iconic Hudson’s Bay point blanket. HBCo’s is one of (if not the) oldest department store in North American dating ba…

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How to Hang a Blanket On the Wall Without Ruining It - Sponge Hacks Ideas, Sofas, Home, Design, Blankets, Home Décor, Hanging Blankets On Wall, Blanket On Wall, How To Hang

Blankets aren’t just for cozying up on the couch or snuggling in bed anymore. These days, so many people are all about incorporating their personal style into their living spaces, and one way to do that is by hanging blankets on the wall. But wait! What is the best way to hang a blanket on […]

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Some rugs are works of art and should be displayed as such. We have a light green and cream silk rug from India of a man wooing his wife in a garden. It’s the kind of rug that’s better on a wall than on the floor. Like, who would want to step on the people in the rug?! But you do need … Continue reading "Rugs on Walls"

Farm Garden With Sunflowers Blanket Woven Throw Printed - Etsy UK Ideas, Decoration, Home Décor, Interior, Woven Throw, Boho Throw Blanket, Woven Throw Blanket, Woven Blankets, Throw Blanket

!! Free Shipping on this product !! Adorn yourself in a beautiful work of art. Our woven blankets come in a variety of vintage patterns and styles. The pattern on this blanket is "Farm Garden with Sunflowers" by Gustav Klimt. This blanket is perfect for using as a throw on your sofa, an extra layer of warmth on your bed, or a spread for a picnic. Design is printed on one side. Our blankets are made out of 100% cotton yarn which make them hypoallergenic, machine washable and low maintenance…

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