Bladder prolapse

Learn about bladder prolapse, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options to regain control and improve your quality of life. Discover helpful tips and exercises to manage and prevent bladder prolapse.
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Learn to recognize the signs of a prolapsed bladderExperts say that your bladder may fall from it's normal position in your pelvis if your pelvic floor becomes too weak or there's too much pressure on it. When this happens, your bladder...

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Alright, so you’ve heard of pelvic organ prolapse. You’re somewhat familiar with the symptoms. You were hoping you wouldn’t ever need to put that knowledge to use, but here we are. Maybe you started feeling a bulging or tampon falling out feeling by the end of the day. Maybe you just feel something

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If you've landed on this page, then chances are you probably know what prolapse means. Or maybe you've heard of it but aren't quite sure if it's what you're dealing with or not. In this post we'll go over what prolapse is, its symptoms and what puts you at risk for developing prolapse. Additionally, we'll go over how to fix a prolapse without surgery. How to Fix a Prolapse without Surgery: What is Prolapse? First things first, what is prolapse? Prolapse occurs when organs that are normally…

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