Biskut raya

Discover a collection of delicious Biskut Raya recipes to elevate your festive celebration. From traditional favorites to unique twists, find the perfect treats to impress your guests and indulge in the joy of the season.
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Ingredients (A) 280g butter 180g caster sugar 1/2 tsp salt 50g milk powder 40g egg yolk (from 2-3 eggs) 1/2 tsp vanilla essence 1/2 tbsp. pandan paste Ingredients (B) 80g ground Almond 30g desiccated coconut Ingredients (C) 360g Top flour 30g glutinous rice flour Topping 20g coconut oil (more as desired) 200g butterscotch chips 60g gula melaka ~ grated 50g desiccated coconut Method In stand mixer, place ingredients (A) into the mixing bowl & beat on speed 3 till the butter light & fluffy Add…

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