Best croissant recipe

Indulge in the flaky and buttery goodness of homemade croissants with these delicious recipes. Learn how to make the best croissants that will rival any bakery.
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This extensive tutorial has everything you need for How to Make Croissants at Home with step-by-step photos, video and lots of tips! All of that information is located in the article above this recipe. I highly recommend you take the time to read through it if this is your first time making croissants. The video is located above this recipe, and a longer more detailed video can be found on Youtube.

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[Chef Dominique Ansel](, chef of the famous Cronut and owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery, says: “Making croissants is a labor of love and dedication—a lifelong baking project.” This humble French pastry is all about mastering time-intensive techniques to produce perfect results. But don’t be intimidated by this task: rather, with Chef Dominique’s guidance, you will learn how to make French croissants, hone…

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