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Beginning Reading

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for Beginning Reading. Get inspired and try out new things.

500+ Free Decodable Books

If you know me, you know I love decodable readers. They're so helpful when teaching kids to read. I can't get enough of them! If you're looking for decodable texts, but don't want to break the bank, there are a number available online for free, by donation, or at a very low cost. Check out my master list of decodable books below! The decodables in this list are in a variety of digital formats (PDF, PPT, online), and are written with a variety of phonics scope and sequence progressions in mind. Hopefully you can find a controlled text that suits your needs. Please drop me a comment if you know of any phonics books I've missed! Free Decodables My Decodable Readers I'm so excited to share my own set of decodable readers with you. I have several different levels of decodables available on this site as PDFs and am constantly working on more. I'm also somewhat pathologically helpful (haha!) so let me know in the comments if there's a particular phoneme or phonics rule you'd love to see a book for. I'd love to help you out! CKLA - Student Readers Core Knowledge has an amazing, 100% free Language Arts curriculum, including a decodable Student Reader series available as a free PDF when you sign up. SPELD-SA Phonic Books The Specific Learning Disabilites Association of South Australia has over 100 free decodables as PDFs on their site, following the Jolly Phonics sequence. Starfall Learn To Read Books Starfall Academy offers a series of 15 free online phonics books. The set linked above are interactive and not downloadable, but do have the added feature that your child can click to hear the words read aloud. This link will take you to Cut-Up-And-Take-Home versions of the same books (you'll have to scroll a bit to find them on the page). Progressive Phonics Beginner Books This series of phonics books is a read-together (aka "shared reader") series available as PDFs. You'll read most of the text, while your child will read the larger words that fit the target phonemes they're learning. While they contain color, they have a great deal of white space and would be printable. Friends on the Block While not all the books on this site are free, the above is a link to a set of 15 free read-together books. Decodable Books Written By Teachers Dr. Bruce Murray (aka the ReadingGenie) hosts a webpage where teachers share Decodable Readers they've written as free Powerpoint files. Some may be suitable for printing. Phonics Play Comics Decodables written as comic strips! Free Phonetic Readers A series of black-and-white printable, colorable, and highly decodable readers! Fun Phonics Free Book Series Another great series of black-and-white printable phonics books and worksheets. Text Project - Beginning Reads Short decodable texts paired with photos for beginning readers. Storyberries - Phonics A few of the books on the Storyberries free bedtime stories website are decodables! Really Great Reading - Decodable Passages These aren't books so much as collections of decodable paragraphs in printable PDF format, but still great for practice! Decodables from West Virginia Phonics by Jessica Pasik Among other links on this page, you can find a dozen decodable texts as PPT slides! I See Sam A series of simple phonics books from the 1970s (out of print and now available as free PDFs) with repetitive text for practice, and the narrative driven by the illustrations. This link will take you to the Updated online Version that is currently available for free during COVID. Free Word Family Books - This Reading Mama You'll have to do a bit of digging and scrolling to find all the free printable gems, but Becky has written quite a number of free decodable readers! The stories are interspersed with a fair dose of high frequency words as well. Hubbard's Cupboard A nice set of simple decodable books for beginning readers. Repeat sentence structures and "clue" type pictures may be too predictable for later readers. Half Pint Books These are really adorable decodable books. However, like the above series, they may be a bit too predictable for some uses. Elemeno Decodables Search This website is a fabulous decodable books search engine with links to decodables of all sorts (some free, some paid). You can search by price, publisher, or number of words. Publishers with Free Decodable Book Samples A few publishers offer free samples of some of their decodable books online! All About Reading - Samples All About Reading is a full synthetic phonics program available for purchase, but they also offer several decodable stories for free. Laughing Ogre Press - Samples Laughing Ogre Press offers a few of their cute decodable readers as free downloads! Here are direct links to the free ones: Cal || Miss Kim Fantastic Phonics Books - Samples The first five are free. However, they do use some repeat sentence structures that might lead children to guess the word rather than sound it out. SuperBooks - Samples Several books are available to read online for free Phonic Books - Moon Dogs at Home - Samples A few free decodable novellas for older readers! Piper Books Several decodables are free, including a few books for older readers. You may find more free samples here: EPS - School Specialty Samples Temporarily Free Decodable Books This is a list of books that were made free during the COVID pandemic in 2020. They may only be available for a limited period of time. Flyleaf Online Materials Portal These very popular decodables are available for free as online ebooks through the 2020-2021 school year. SPIRE Resources Decodable Readers, Lesson Plans, and Workbooks are all available for free for those who have paid for SPIRE curricula during COVID. Reading Teacher This program is currently free due to the coronavirus pandemic. Reading Elephant You can purchase the collection of printable phonics books, or try the samples in the link above. Affordable Decodable Readers Dog on a Log Dog on a Log is a series of nearly 100 decodable readers. Many of the stories are available at several levels: some quite short for just-starting-out readers, as well others for children able to handle slightly longer books with 300+ words. ( A few are available free here ) Decodable Adventures If you're in search of decodable books designed for older readers, then check out this series! Additional Resources: Online books, printables, online learning, and phonics resources. Some are free resources, others are not. I haven't reviewed all of these yet, but maybe you'll find something that helps you. The Measured Mom Free Kindergarten Printables and Free Printable Phonics Books || Kastner Collection || This Reading Mama: Free Printables and Learning Activities for Homeschooling - and Free Phonics Activities and Phonics Books || A Teachable Teacher Free Phonics Bundles || Homeschooling Down Under : Learning to Read Books || Stephen Parker || Mommy Shorts: Quarantine Learning Resources || Miss Kindergarten Free At Home Learning Resources for Reading || Money Saving Mom : Free Quarantine School Resources || Spelfabet: Decodable Books list || UF Literacy Institute - Connected Texts || ThinkCentral || Mark Revis's Phonics Books || Oxford owl (requires login) || The Reading League Decodables List 2020 || Geniebooks || Free Decodable Books Rollup || IDA Ontario || FreeReading || Sound City Reading || Elemeno || Text Project || EPS - School Specialty Samples || Kastner Collection Decodables Links || Stephen Parker - Free Phonics Instructional Book for Parents || Id Ontario Apps: Reach for the Stars African Readers

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This Free Beginner Story Provides Practice For Early Readers. Other Units And Free Pins Avail… 6FB

Jun 19, 2016 - This free beginner story provides practice for early readers. Other units and free pins available at pinterest.com/susankhansen/

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Reading Fluency & Comprehension - All Students Can Shine

Hi everyone, My little learners have been working SO hard on their reading these past few months and I am VERY excited to show what what they have been up to!

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Beginning Reading Game: Roll, Read, Write

Reading and spelling game for beginning readers- Roll~Read~Write from the book Busy Bags Kids Will Love! via @karyntripp

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St. Patrick's Day Preschool Pack (141 Pages)

St. Patrick's Day Learning Printable pack for preschool aged kids! These super fun and festive printable pages are the perfect way to celebrate the St. Patrick's Day while learning! Note: This is the premium version of my free St. Patrick's Day Preschool Pack. In this Printable Pack: 141 Beautifully Themed Pages!! Uppercase/Lowercase Match Activity Directional Coloring Sheets Color Word Match Activity Scissor Practice Sheets Number Word Identification Match Activity (0-12) Read, Trace, Write Practice Sheets Uppercase/ Lowercase Match Clip Cards Prewriting Practice Sheets Which one is different? (practice sheet) Which One Comes Next in the Pattern? (practice activity) Do-a-dot Pictures Puzzles -10 Numbered Pieces Puzzles - 8 Pieces (Not Numbered) Letter Sorting Mats Aa-Zz Size Sequencing Activity Letters Aa-Zz Identification Sheets Number Identification Sheets 0-10 Matching Game Beginning Sounds Clip Cards Vocab/Reading Practice Activity Counting Practice Clip Cards Number Tracing and Counting Practice Sheets Uppercase Alphabetical Ordering Activity Lowercase Alphabetical Ordering Activity Lacing Cards I recommend printing the cutouts on cardstock paper and laminating to make them sturdy and durable. Also print the Lacing Cards on cardstock, cut out and laminate. Use a single hole punch to carefully punch out the white dots. Use strings with plastic tips (like shoestrings) to make it easy for the kids to lace through the holes. The practice sheets you can reuse by laminating or placing in paper protectors to use with dry-erase markers.

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Fun ways to practice sight words with beginning readers - The Many Little Joys

Do you have a little book lover who is ready to learn to read? Here are seven simple and fun ways to to teach and practice sight words (one of the keys to reading) with beginning readers.

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Phonics Strips!

I am so excited to introduce my latest creation! Phonics strips!! I created these out of necessity from the beginning reading trends I have seen with my incoming first graders. I have students entering first grade at many reading levels each year. A few are slightly below where they should be, a good number are right where they should be when entering first grade, and a fair number are far beyond a typical first grade beginning reading level. This is basically the norm for the student population at my school, which is known in our area for an abundance of parent participation. So… with the array of learners to teach, I needed a way to stick with an appropriate first grade phonics pace, by providing my strugglers with continued support and intervention, while challenging the students reading beyond a first grade level. I created phonics strips that students can use in a number of ways. They can be used for independent practice, at home review, as a guided reading tool, a buddy reading option, fluency check, and also as an assessment. There are 87 strips with a vast array of first grade phonics skills. All strips are labeled with the skill and I have a challenge strip for each skill (multisyllabic words, inflected endings etc.). I print the strips out on card stock, cut, laminate, and hole punch the top left corners. I then put them on binder rings for easy flipping and organization. As I teach a phonics skill, I have the students add the strip to their binder ring. During the week we read the words working on our decoding skills. When I see the students are ready (for some this may not be until the end of the year), we add a challenge strip. You can have one ring for each student, or an at home ring and an at school ring for each student. Short a Challenge Strip Example Short a Blends and Digraphs Short a Example Strip I have also included assessment strips as an easy and quick tool to check for understanding. I love using these laminated. They can be written on with white board marker and vowel teams and blends can be circled. These strips can also be used for fluency practice. Although the words are found in isolation, a cold and hot read can be timed to see how automatically the students are reading words with specific phonics skills. Grab the Phonics Strips here! Update!!! I have created a new resource that pairs nicely with these phonics strips. Check out a new post about my Sentence Fluency Phonics Strips here! Happy Teaching!!

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Beginning Sounds Chart

This free beginning sounds chart is a great resource for making rhyming words or spelling word families. Includes 55 different beginning sounds!

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FREE Printable Word Family Books for Short Vowels - This Reading Mama

Grab a FREE copy of our Word Family Books for short vowels. Each printable book comes with a few extra freebies from Learn to Read as well!

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CVC & CVCE words

Learners can read the CVC and CVCe words on these free clip cards ... then clip or pinch the corresponding picture. Draw a dot on the back of each card to make them self-checking!

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