Becoming an event planner

Discover the necessary steps to become an event planner and turn your passion into a successful career. Learn how to plan and execute unforgettable events that leave a lasting impression.
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After years of coaching many wonderful event planners, I see the same struggles over and over again. You CAN succeed in this industry and there are an incredible number of wedding and event planners who are running successful, profitable, sustainable businesses. Top five reasons why wedding and event planners aren't succeeding AND what to do

Tracey Cadman
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Leading events with other event planners offers great networking and learning opportunities. You’re probably wondering what the best ways to become a successful event planner are. Luckily there are a few tools that dramatically help many of the top planners out there. In fact at a recent live event we held with hundreds of planners, […]

Katie Hughes
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Whether planning private celebrations, non-profit fundraisers, or corporate conferences, the goal of the event planner is to visualize their client’s idea and then bring that vision to life. But how do event planners accomplish this task? What does an event planner do, exactly? In this article, we break down what event planning is. We look…

Ro Cip
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Updated: August 2023 We are here to help answer the most common question we get – “How do I become an event planner?” If you have wondered the same thing you are in the right place. First, I recommend you watch this video, then continue reading below. Becoming an event planner can a confusing topic. […]

Naomi Newson