Bb reborn

Experience the joy of playtime with BB Reborn dolls. These lifelike baby dolls are perfect for nurturing imaginations and creating lasting memories. Find the perfect BB Reborn doll for your little one today!
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FINISHED ~ Natalie by Izzy Zhao

Here is the information on Natalie's auction This is baby Na talie She is a full body solid silicone baby girl; sculpted by Izzy Zhao from The Baby Nook. Natalie is the Prototype for Izzy's SOLD OUT edition. There are no more available as she is now SOLD OUT. This Natalie is made of a very special custom-made blend of super, super soft marshmallow silicone. The incredible Kirstin Englert has poured the edition and Izzy only made 2 in this type of silicone available to the public. This…

Michelle Villa Bozman