Battleship galactica

Immerse yourself in the thrilling battles of the Galactica and discover the top strategies and tactics to conquer the universe. Join the fight and become a legendary commander today.
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Description Long time ago i released BSG chart but it wasnt perfect and i was to make new one, but never did. So now i decide to make new one this time for my finished story BSG: Operation Exodus. Ships on chart were not mine, most of them belong to late David „Canis“ Briedis, and other members of the Canis Shipyard. You can also check my story: here… Many of ships in this chart apears in this story, while some that apears are not on chart. SANCTUARY CLASS –…

Jose Soto
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We had the pleasure of doing many spaceships of the Battlestart Galactica Deadlock strategy game. We took care of highpoly modeling, lowpoly and backing. The concept mesh was provided by the client with some kit bashed elements from Nick Govacko amazing set. The final texture was done by Black Lab Games artists.

David Markham-Jones