Bath boms

Indulge in a luxurious bath with these exquisite bath bomb ideas. Transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis and pamper yourself with a soothing spa experience.
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FRAGRANCE USED IN BATH BOMBS.Generally speaking a lot of bath bombs, like candles use FRAGRANCE OILS, not ESSENTIAL OILS.I don’t use bath bombs as many of them have fragrance oils in them and many use natural mica that is not sustainable or synthetic mica, both micas are then most likely synthetically coloured. I use organic […]

lena Baghous
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Bath bombs, 4 x mixed box strawberry, marshmallow fluff, peach Bellini and lavender scented Our bath bombs are the perfect way to pamper with fragrant bubbles that fizz and foam. Simply add to your bath for a burst of fragrance, colour and fun! Usage - When your tub is about halfway full, drop your bath bomb under the running water to activate the fizzing agents. Swish the bath bomb through the water until it's completely dissolved. Get in & enjoy a a beautiful, skin softening, soak! Each…

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