Basement ventilation

Improve the air quality in your basement with these effective ventilation ideas. Discover how proper airflow can create a fresh and healthy environment for your basement.
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Because basements are often fully underground, they have a tendency to build up a lot of moisture. Combine that moisture with a lack of sunlight, and you're likely to have a problem with smells caused by mildew. There may be other problems...

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Humidity in your basement is a problem for many reasons. A damp basement smells and is uncomfortable, but it's also prone to mold and fungal growth that can cause health problems. Humid basements are also more likely to have problems with...

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How do I finish a basement? This is a really multi-faceted question, and I would need several chapters to explain it to you completely. I guess the best way to start to unravel this question would be by separating a typical basement project into the main stages of basement finishing. I’ve listed them below in

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