Barrister bookcase

Add a touch of elegance to your home with these stunning barrister bookcase ideas. Discover how these versatile bookcases can beautifully display your books and collectibles.
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I can’t tell you how filled with envy I was when, years ago, I was visiting a friend and saw she’d just added a beautiful barrister bookcase to her living room. She’d found it by complete happenstance on the side of a road, and the bookcase was in near perfect condition, save for a few scuffs. This old staple, also referred to as a lawyer’s bookcase, comes in many shapes and sizes.

Aaron G
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Why don't I talk about bookshelves more often? They add height to a room and critical vertical storage. I guess because I don't have a HUGE book collection, I don't think about just how awesome these pieces of furniture are. Bookshelves are like the Jan of the Brady bun

Alexandra Negrete