Barefoot running

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If you’d like to start running barefoot without injury, you’ve come to the right place. The best way to avoid getting hurt is to learn proper technique, transition to barefoot running gradually, and keep your Achilles and calves well-stretched at all times. Even though it started out as a fad or a trend, running barefoot has now become the preferred method for many runners these days. Still, going from using running shoes to running barefoot can raise your risk of injury if you’re not doing…

A barefoot running shoe increases proprioceptive feedback from the foot which dictates a more mid to forefoot strike landing in response to ground surface hardness,  therefore lowering energy demands. Running, Yoga, Trainers, Nike Free, Sports, Nike, Barefoot Running Shoes, Barefoot Running, Nike Spandex

Barefoot running shoes are more than good for you because they deliver a stronger sense of the ground which was found to prompt mechanical corrections that are more energy efficient. Not only that, the unrestricted fit and heightened ground-feedback is the best way to sustainably strengthen the arch and intrinsic muscles deep within the foot.