Balloon cars

Discover creative and fun balloon car ideas that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Build your own balloon car and watch it zoom across the room!
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Have a Blast with Balloon Cars! - Teachers are Terrific

Are you ready to have a blast with a very exciting STEM Challenge? Actually, that's a statement that can be true of all STEM Challenges! This one has a unique quality and a competitive component. Hold onto your hats! The first time we tried this challenge the kids were quite aghast at the lack of

AmyLynn Stafford
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Balloon-Powered Car - Science World

In this activity , students will make a car powered by the elastic energy of a balloon. This car converts potential energy into kinetic energy, unlike your family car which converts chemical energy into kinetic energy Balloons are elastic and store potential energy when they are filled with air. When the air is released, the potential […]

Erin Piazza
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How to Build a Toilet Paper Roll Balloon Car

This toilet paper roll balloon car is a fun STEM challenge using recyclables! It’s a perfect budget-friendly engineering activity for the classroom, homeschool, and scouts. Kids will learn about simple machines and the science of forces and motion.

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