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When you're looking for productivity tips, you're probably wondering what are some very productive things to do in free time. In this blog post, I'm listing over 190 productive things to do when you're bored. When you have some free time, try to do these things and you won't regret it - it's a time well spent!

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There are times in life where you need to be at your very best, make a great impression and start off in the best possible way. Meeting your new boss for dinner at her place can be considered as one of these occasions.

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No one is perfect, especially your characters. Use these handy lists to get inspired to mess someone up. Ummm, I mean, give your characters relatable flaws. 😀 More lists (with printable PDFs) available. 25 bad public behaviors. 10 driving bad habits. 25 poor health habits. #writingcommunity #writinglists #writing #wordlists #badhabits #masterlists #writingcharacters #writingprompts When you sign up for Robin Woods' Newsletter you get access to her Writer's Tool kit AND a free book.

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