Baby turkey

Add a touch of cuteness to your Thanksgiving celebration with these adorable baby turkey ideas. Explore creative ways to incorporate these little gobblers into your holiday decor and festivities.
Mommy Turkey.  She is a Royal Palm turkey and she has hatched out 10 baby turkeys.  What a good Mom!She puts them up in the barn at night, tucking them to bed under her wings.  She takes them out in the morning and you can see them grazing in the field. Turkey Farm, Baby Turkey, Wild Turkey, Tom Turkey, Barnyard Animals, Animals Wild, Cute Animals, Swans, Turkey Breeds

We have enjoyed the cooler weather and the sheep loved it. But now we are back to reality with the 90 plus summer heat & humidity which will only get hotter over the summer. I am soooo thankful for the completion of our milking parlor and having a haven to cool off. We have no trouble getting the girls to come in to be milked. They enjoy the brief coolness as well. SunRa (above) enjoying the cool milking parlor, says Hi! We did Linear Appraisals this weekend on our goat herd, Everyone was…

Veronika Marchina