Baby shower guessing game

Make your baby shower memorable with these fun and interactive guessing game ideas. Engage your guests and create a lively atmosphere as they try to predict the baby's gender, birth date, and more.
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These free printable Baby Prediction and Advice Cards are sure to be add fun to your baby shower event. This printable baby shower game comes with prompts to be filled up by the guests. Guests fill in the blanks about what they think the baby is going to look like Mom or Dad. They guess the estimated date and time of birth, their weight, length, eye and hair color.

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*This is a printable game* *The pdf file is not customizable* Get ready to add some fun to your baby shower with this printable game, "Guess who, mommy or daddy?" This game is perfect for guests of all ages and will have everyone guessing which parent will do what when the new baby arrives. Here's how it works: The expecting parents will fill out a series of questions before the party starts, such as "Who will change the first diaper?" and "Who is most nervous about the birth?" The guests…

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