Baby room layout ideas

Design the perfect nursery for your little one with these creative baby room layout ideas. Discover how to maximize space and create a cozy and functional environment for your baby.
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The biggest challenge in the nursery is arranging the small space and maximizing the potential. How do we fit the necessary furniture in here? Even if it’s just a crib, a small rocking chair and a dresser - it’s still a tight squeeze with the doors and radiator. It’s not easy in a 11’x7’ bedroom! This is the floor plan we decided on. The dresser will go on the same wall as the closet, it’s low and wide so we can put a changing pad on top and have it serve double-duty. We can open the door to…

Emily Anderson
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Creating space in your home for a new baby can be an exciting and stressful venture. Sometimes that means giving up your guest bedroom for a nursery. But if you host guests frequently, the guest room may be a sacrifice you don't want to make. Combining your baby's nursery with the guest room is a […]

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