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Watch these cute baby kitten videos and experience pure joy. Get your daily dose of cuteness and fall in love with these playful and cuddly little creatures.
These kittens were being bottle fed. when I saw what the one on the left did, I lost it. #kitten #cat #kittens #cats #video #animal #pets Dogs, People, Funny Animal Videos, Dog Cat, Videos, Cat Owners, Cat Care, Kittens And Puppies, Kittens Cutest

The three little kitten triplets in this video are big fans of bottle time. It is really adorable how they are latching onto their bottles. Rocky, Sweet Pea, and Johnny have already started eating with the older cats, but these kittens still love their bottles. When I saw how their little paws held onto the

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A tiny newborn kitten came into a person's life unexpectedly. They nursed her back to health, gave her a friend to cuddle with.... She became family. Photo: arthisbeapirate "One night, my neighbor and I noticed what sounded like strange baby birds chirping in a bush at our apartment complex. A...

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When her mother places this adorable kitten on her lap, watch this kitten's reaction... OMG!  #kitten #cat #kittens #cats #video #animal #pets Art, Videos, Puppies And Kitties, Kittens And Puppies, Baby Kitten Videos, Cuddly Animals, Cat Care, Kittens Cutest, Kitten Videos

Kittens can be just like our own children. We can love them like our babies and can treat them as if they were. The owner of this adorable Persian kitten is no different. She is this kitten's mother in all ways that matter, and their bond is quite strong as this video shows. This white

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A kitten got his leg fixed then went on to find another kitten who made him feel whole. Scouttiny.paws.fostersAbout a month ago, an animal shelter sent out a rescue plea for a quarter-pound, one-week-old kitten. He had arrived with an injured front leg. The punctur...

3-week-old kitten is sleeping in his mom's arms. But then this happens. Too Cute! #kitten #cat #kittens #cats #video #animal #pets via @madlyoddcom Ideas, Happiness, Kitten Care, Cat Care, Kitten Meowing, Cat Having Kittens, Kittens And Puppies, Cuddly Animals, Adorable Kittens Funny

This cute little guy is sooooo sleepy, but you just have to watch to see what I mean. This is total cuteness overload. He's all cuddled up in his mom's arms, snoozing peacefully like the sweet baby boy he is! So adorable! Just listen to him purrrrrr. He's a regular purring machine! It's a wonder he doesn't wake himself up, but

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