Aspiration pneumonia

Learn how to prevent and treat aspiration pneumonia with expert tips and advice. Find out the common causes, symptoms, and effective treatments for this condition.
Diagnosis of Pneumonia

Chest X-rays and CT scans diagnose pneumonia while Gram-stains, cultures, urine antigens, serology, PCR, and enzyme immunoassays identify the cause.

Keep Calm and Assess the Risk of Aspiration Pneumonia – Therapy Insights Keep Calm, Speech Language Pathologists, Dysphagia Therapy, Speech Path, Speech Language Pathology, Oral Health, Aspiration Pneumonia, Dysphagia

Does aspiration = pneumonia? Maybe. This handout is designed to help SLPs navigate this complex conversation with patients who are at risk of dysphagia. The handout breaks down the evidence base of three variables and how they stack up to different risks. This provides a clear visual as to how a healthy immune system and […]

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