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My mother assembling a 14 layer apple stack cake for a wedding.  From "Old Timey Appalachian Tea Cakes and Mini Kentucky Apple Stack Cakes" on Appalroot Farm: A blog inspiring those with appalachian roots to celebrate their heritage. Apple Stack Cake Recipe, Stack Cake Recipe, Mexican Chicken Breast Recipes, Stack Cakes, Apple Stack Cake, Stack Cake, Appalachian Recipes, Delish Cakes, Fruit Cake Recipe

Appalachia has lost one of its own. As you probably have heard, on June 23, the great and legendary Dr. Ralph Stanley passed away. Stanley epitomized and popularized mountain music. He's one of those who made us all just a little bit prouder of our mountain roots. RIP, Ralph Stanley. You will be missed, but your music and what you've done for Appalachian culture will live on...and for that we thank you, kindly! Ralph Stanley autographing cd's after a 2009 Maryland concert Just a few days…

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My version of a completely traditional Appalachian stack cake was inspired by the way my ancestors would have made it many moons ago. All the ingredients are there: dried apples, a stiff dough, molasses and apple butter. My only flair is adding a bourbon sauce to drip over the edges and right into your heart. —Lauren May, Must Love Herbs

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this maple apple loaf cake is made from a spiced cake filled with tart apple chunks, topped with a crunchy walnut streusel and maple glaze. with layers of autumnal flavors and cozy textures, this cake is ready for all your fall baking needs!

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