Annual review

Maximize your professional growth and development with a strategic annual review process. Discover proven techniques to set goals, track progress, and receive valuable feedback for a successful career.
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This is the time to review your year. The important thing is to think about all of the different areas of your life and most importantly - how you feel at the end of the year. Here are 10 questions to help you find focus and successfully review your year. Reflection is how we grow, lets review and then plan for 2018!

Lydia Garza
This poster proves that even "boring things" don't have to be boring when you add creativity to the mix! (Click the image to read the blog post!) Posters, Annual Reports, Nonprofit Infographics, Annual Report Design, Annual Review, Nonprofit Marketing, Annual Report Layout, Annual Report, Report

Annual reports are usually boring. They are long, dry documents that can double as ambien. Just writing about them has already made me a little bored. But then I got the one from the church I attend, Cross Point. My buddy Stephen Brewster helped turn something that is traditionally boring into something awesome. On one […]

Colby Meyer