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Explore the intriguing world of yandere anime characters and stories. Dive into the dark and obsessive side of love with these captivating anime recommendations.
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Together forever (kny) - Yandere's + character info - Wattpad Croquis, Yandere Characters, Yandere Boy, Tanjiro Kamado, Chibi Anime, Demon Art, Dragon Slayer, Dessin Adorable, 만화 캐릭터

(yandere kny x reader) Lonely. That's all they ever felt. But after being shown kindness by a random stranger something snapped. Wanting to keep that feeling forever an obsession grew. Her name was y/n. Just your ordinary demon slayer and priestess. After saving Tanjirou and his sister a whole turn of events happen that leads to a path of insanity and obsession.

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