Angel gowns

Find a collection of beautiful angel gowns to dress your angelic baby in. Discover top ideas to honor and remember your little one with these special gowns.
"Angel gowns" for babies that die are made from donated wedding dresses. Angel Baby Gowns, Angel Baby Patterns, Heart Sewing, Charity Sewing, Angel Dresses, White Tissue Paper, Angel Gowns, Angel Babies

'Somebody cares': Donated wedding dresses become 'angel gowns' for babies who die

Lisa Grubbs was heartbroken to see families who suffered the loss of an infant in the hospital picking through bins of donated clothing to find something for their child to wear in their final moments together.Sometimes the clothing they found was too big; other times, inappropriate for a time of grief.“It struck me as incredibly wrong that that was what they were having to do at one of the dark

Rebecca Elowski