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Discover a wide range of anatomy models to enhance your understanding of the human body. From detailed skeletons to organs and systems, find the perfect model for your study or display.
ArtStation - Female Ecorche, Alexander Börner Human Body, Statue, Human Anatomy, Musculoskeletal System, Head Proportions, Human, Sculpting, Female

Personal anatomy project which is aimed for realtime purposes. Everything was modeled and sculpted from scratch in order to get better in human anatomy. I'm planning to sell it, therefore I made the decision to go for a semi realistic friendlier anatomy style in order to stand out from all the super realistic pieces and find a niche.

ArtStation - Female Anatomy Kit, Farzin Izadyar Human Anatomy Female, Human Anatomy, Human Anatomy Art, Human Anatomy Drawing, Anatomy Models, Anatomy Study, Anatomy For Artists, Muscle Anatomy, Anatomy Reference

Female Anatomy Kit There's been a lot of hard work put into this and now this model is available for artist to download and learn from. This is a great anatomy learning companion and is recommended with other source of anatomy books such as Anatomy for Sculptors by Uldis Zarins and Anatomy for Artist by Sarah Simblet. I have worked closely with and he has been incredibly passionate. Here is a link to download Gumroad:

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